Useful websites

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English-English Dictionaries:

Longman -

Macmillan - - here one can also hear noises of some words, e.g. grunt, whine, shriek, yap or purr.

Oxford -

English Pronunciation Guide to the Names of People, Places, and Stuff

Czech names in English:

Male names

Female names

News in Levels - listen to the news written in 3 levels of English

TED - Ideas worth spreading

English with BBC with Czech commentaries

BBC Learning English

BBC World Service Radio

BBC Games for children

Peppa Pig stories

English Speking Online

English Idioms

Duolinguo – learning languages through translations, downloadable into a mobile phone

Conversation Exchange – your can find a partner for conversation or correspondence all ove the world, in English or other languages, at the website

Social networks for languages where people share videos, texts, study together and help each other:

More tips how and where to practise conversation

Common Errors in English Usage - Visuwords – Online Graphical Dictionary – key in a word and you get a visual display of that word and a series of related words - you paste a text into the tool, it takes the most common word in your text and shows you pictures related to its meaning, you can also select another word from your text; it includes the Visual Thesaurus - by clicking on different parts of the text, you can make the sentence expand to become a more complex text. You can review the process by which the final text was constructed.