How, Where and 5x Why?

Method used:

I use a communicative method, its basis is an intensive communication of clients and a teacher.

The method is appropriate to all clients who want to use their language skills and start speaking without any hindrance. The teacher keeps pushing a client to speak. The teacher helps the client to improve his/her language skills and to do away with his/her psychological obstacle to speak a foreign language.

English lessons for companies and one-to-one lessons:

Please contact me to discuss your needs and set our first informative date. I recommend a 90 minute lesson 2 times a week.

I usually teach pre-intermediate to advanced levels. We can focus on grammar, conversation, business English etc.

I can help you with a preparation for PET, FCE and CAE exams, and others if you need.

At the end of the course adult students attending a course for a year receive Certificate and children receive Vysvědčení (Certificate).

In case you are interested in a language school courses, I recommend:

Where I teach:

I teach in Prague.

I can come to your work place.

5 reasons why to choose me:

  1. Enthusiasm for English – I use my reason and my heart as well.
  2. Consistency, accuracy, idioms and phrasal verbs.
  3. Individual and creative approach.
  4. Friendly and highly professional attitude.
  5. Continuous education, travels abroad.