Company Courses


You can choose between general English of any level and specialized courses like Business English or Human Resources English. You can have group lessons or individual lessons in your company.

The most intensive and effective way of studying is a one-to-one lesson. It is most frequently chosen by busy managers or company owners. An individual course is an ideal crash course for an exam, business meeting, job interview in English or tuning student’s English to meet individual needs.

Mini groups, as opposed to individual courses, are interesting by reflecting real life situations rather well due to the wide variety of opinions of different personalities in a mini group. Mini groups are also a bit less intensive than an individual course and this can be more convenient for some students.

Teaching groups in companies also works as a nice teambuilding activity. Colleagues can learn things about each other from a different perspective, private and not related to work.

If you cannot find a course suitable for you in my offer, please, let me know about what course you are looking for, time which would suit you and your location.


Communicative General English – any level

Communicative Business English – B1 / B2 / C1

Communicative Business English – A1 / A2