Individual Courses


The most intensive and effective way of studying is a one-to-one lesson. It is most frequently chosen by busy managers or company owners but I have some clients who just do not feel at ease while studying in a group or who have another reason why they prefer a one-to-one lesson.

An individual course is an ideal crash course for an exam, business meeting, job interview in English or tuning student’s English to meet individual needs.

A time-limited individual course can be sometimes used to bridge a gap in knowledge and it can help a student to join a mini group which is at a higher level of English than the student’s level was. Such a course can fill in student’s gaps in knowledge of English so that the student would fit in the higher group well.


Communicative General English

Communicative crash course in Business English – B1 / B2 / C1

Communicative crash course in Business English – A1 / A2

Communicative English “Back to Work”